Acupuncture Fertility


I started my treatment with Fiona after years asking for help from 'conventional' medical practitioners. I suffered with severe mouth ulcers that lasted up to 3 weeks and would very often have more than 5 in one go. Sometimes up to 15. At the time I was suffering with moderate/bad IBS and sleeping problems. No 'normal' GP or Specialist had ever successfully helped me and I was at my wits end.

Fiona changed everything and gave my life back to me. She stopped the ulcers within 3 weeks of treatment and the IBS cleared up pretty soon after that. She helped to clear all my sinus congestion and sorted out the sleep issues. At the same time she helped me with these problems she provided me with extra dietary support and advice. It was invaluable and I still adhere to the advice 3 years later with excellent results.

Not only did Fiona help to stop the ulcers, the IBS and the sleep issues but she continued to treat me whilst trying for a 2nd baby and not only was the pregnancy quick to happen but she helped with the morning sickness, fatigue and headaches. I had a very healthy and bonny baby whereas previously I had suffered miscarriages.

During very treatment she would talk me through her findings and what she was going to do to treat me. She kept me relaxed and calm. I enjoyed all my treatments and for a 'needle phobic' that speaks volumes.

Finally she assisted me to quit smoking and lose weight.

Fiona is a truly amazing person who saved me in so many ways. I was at rock bottom, life was daily pain and discomfort.

I can never thank her enough I will be forever in her debt.

Katherine Tarr

I would like to thank Fiona for the treatment she gave me in relation to my recovery for an eating disorder. I found Fiona to be extremely professional yet she made me feel at ease with the treatment and surroundings, both of which were new to me. The treatment was immediately beneficial and had lasting positive effects. I would happily recommend Fiona as a professional and caring practitioner. I eagerly await my next treatment.

Many thanks,

Harriet Bevan

Having suffered lower back pain for 20+ years, a colleague suggested I try acupuncture and recommended Fiona. I have found her to be professional, showing a genuine interest in my symptoms. Every question I have asked has been answered with care, ensuring I understand what is happening. Her calming and warm approach has been reassuring and put me at ease. Additional treatments, such as massage and moxa have been built into the plan, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Following the first treatment I was able to reduce my intake of pain relief tablets and after 5 treatments, the intake of medication became nil. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fiona to anyone of any age.